For everyone on tour who still wants to feel like at home: Discover the exclusive motorhomes of eila. and experience a home on four wheels. Thought through down to the last detail, with high quality furnishings and designed for well-being, our mobile homes will astonish you even after a single night.

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Enter and feel at home: In our exclusive mobile homes and motorhomes you will find all the amenities you are used to from home – and maybe even a little more. Let us surprise you!



We don’t want you to miss out on your usual standards when on the move. We therefore pay attention to every detail and only use high quality materials both for the interior furnishings and all other components.

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Bedroom in an exclusive motorhome by eila
Living room  in an exclusive motorhome by eila
Living room and office  in an exclusive motorhome by eila
Kitchen  in an exclusive motorhome by eila
Big livingroom  in an exclusive motorhome by eila


In your motorhome you will find everything you need on the move: A high quality, well equipped kitchen and sanitary facilities are standard at eila., and so is the technical sophistication from flat screen to Wi-Fi. Some of our motorhomes have grill stations or beds with a view of the night sky.  


The largest choice in Europe

In our rental park you will find the largest choice of motorhomes and luxury liners in Europe. Whether an exclusive loft for four people or a team home with 16 beds: eila. has the right vehicle for your requirements.

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Discover EILA.

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