Event report

We have been proud partners of the BMW M2 Cup since the 2023 season. This is a junior racing series which, if won, provides an entry into professional motorsport.
Since the future of motorsports is very close to our hearts as a company, we support the BMW M2 Cup as sponsor of one of the competition cars.

Since this race series is particularly on equal opportunities in terms of external conditions, such as vehicles, mechanics as well as coaches or physiotherapists, we also provide the catering centrally for all participants. In order to guarantee balanced and high quality meals, the organizers of Project 1 Drivetime have decided to have the meals catered by us.
In one of our most versatile units, the Expandable Triple, participants and invited guests will find a quiet retreat and catering from morning to night throughout the race weekend.

Due to the floor space of 180 m² and the high customizability of the unit, it is possible to combine a generous buffet, a dining area with seating for up to 100 guests, a bar and a separate meeting area under one roof. This provides an ideal basis for promoting interaction between race officials, guests and drivers, thus generating an even more intense racing experience. The Expandable Triple is also the ideal place to stay during the races. Equipped with a total of three air-conditioning units and six televisions, it is the perfect place to watch the races at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather. 

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