Rockstar Energy

Event report

"Press Play" was the call at the Rockstar Energy Experience Tour.

Together with our client East End Communications, we had the privilege of executing a top-notch roadshow. For this purpose, the Expandable Single was extensively expanded and tailored to the target audience. Prominent upgrades included the 7x1m custom-made rooftop sign, designed exclusively for our client, which equally drew attention and provided orientation at festival grounds like Lollapalooza, mounted at a height of 5 meters on both sides. Furthermore, the unit was enhanced with a barrier-free and scalable personnel ramp, which was mounted on the side, enabling access and a clear view through the double door.

But that wasn't all. Inside the vehicle, various activities were integrated to create sustainable brand experiences and connect them with the advertising message. Guests had the opportunity to engage in a Dance Battle with a live DJ or kick-start their own party in the Hidden Club Box complete with fog machine and disco lighting. The bar offered matching Rockstar beverages, and memories could be instantly shared online at a photo station.

There were also plenty of outdoor activities, from table tennis and limbo to seated soccer and a basketball machine. However, the highlight was the mechanical can rodeo, where fantastic prizes could be won. The Rockstar Roadshow was part of a marketing campaign that focused on various German urban centers for three months, concurrently accompanied by various media and artists. Undoubtedly, one of the most "energetic" projects of the year.

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