Ketterer Exclusive Sport & Business 2


The Ketterer Sports & Business is characterised by a handcrafted aluminium body with a fully insulated, tinted original Ketterer window strip. With its perfectly shaped appearance and its luxurious interior, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of travel comfort. Visionary design, an innovative room concept and a high level of craftsmanship make the Ketterer Sports & Business a luxury liner among motorhomes.

  • 1 - 6 People
  • 35 m²
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advantages at a glance

  • Transport service
  • Time-saving
  • High-quality gastro kitchen
  • Flexibility
  • Representative appearance
  • Security

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The Ketterer EXCLUSIVE SPORTS & BUSINESS features a handmade aluminium body with vollisolidly tinted original Keetterer window band. The unique design gives the vehicle a unique selling point among the engine homes.

From 1.390 €

per day, plus logistics


  • great lounge group 
  • exclusive table 
  • great hydraulic master bed
  • generous kitchenette 
  • electric aluminium blinds 
  • blanket with LED lighting 
  • indirect night lights 
  • big mirror in the hall 
  • design-high color carbet 
  • 40‘ TV device behind the glass wall 
  • Sat-Annex– digital
  • bose sound system
  • playstation
  • air conditioner

kitchen equipment 

  • fridge and freezer 223l
  • microwave/grill combination
  • induction cooker with 2 cooking plates
  • flush in mineral fabrics integrated 
  • integrated dishwasher 
  • great apothecary cabinet


  • shower cup in the ground just let in with invisible
         water drain 
  • shower area with fixed glass separation in
         closed version
  • ceramic toilet 
  • washing table with large sink in mineral
  • illuminated wall mirror with storage roofs
  • floor heating 
  • starry sky 
  • built-in safe with number code

bed above the bathroom with MEGA POP-UP

  • access to the hall 
  • cold foam comfort mattress 
  • heating and air conditioning 
  • 230V socket
  • shelves 
  • air conditioner

Full-Service by eila

We not only rent, we take care of everything you want. From transport to set-up and dismantling to location support, everything can be booked full-service from one source at eila. Your advantages: Only one contact person who solves all your problems!
  • Logistics and transport
  • Assembly and disassembly service
  • Individual configuration
  • Permission processing
  • Branding
  • Security service

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Miguel Ramos
Race driver | Portugal
I can only say: Superb and outstanding environment and service.
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frequently asked questions
Can a motorhome replace a hotel room?
As you eliminate travel time and get to enjoy a well-appointed space, an eila motorhome is already a step ahead of a hotel room. In our additional full-service package, with concierge and room service, we also offer you all the amenities you are used to from a hotel.
Is it possible to have the units custom branded?
All our models can be given individual branding. In addition to the units themselves, we are happy to work with you to develop a marketing concept and design the interior to your specifications.
Are the services offered in comliance with coronavirus regulations?
Of course. On request, we will develop a regulation-compliant and comprehensive hygiene concept that is perfectly tailored to your event. For example, in terms of room plans, hygiene measures, disinfection stations, etc.
Can the units and services also be booked individually and independently of each other?
You can book each of our services individually. We always tailor our service package to the individual needs of our customers, because this is the only way we can guarantee the perfect service for you.
Can I book for 2b2 events in quick succession?
Our fleet comprises more than 70 vehicles and is the largest in Europe for event and promotional vehicles. We are therefore able to have our vehicles at several locations simultaneously at any time.
What exactly does the eila full service entail?
Our professional team will take care of everything you would like us to manage. From planning and implementation to transport and personnel – we can offer you the perfect service package for your needs. In doing so, we always work closely with our customers.
What will this unit cost me if I want to hire it?
Please visit our website for a detailed overview of the rental prices of our different models. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact our team at any time. Then we can put together an individual offer for you.
What exactly does hospitality mean?
Our hospitality units each are a mobile restaurant, with a fully equipped kitchen, guest area, bar and lounge. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. In addition, they are flexible and can be set up and dismantled at any time.
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