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Walde Suite


Walde Suite

The „WALDE SUITE“ is a versatile unit that can be used ideally not only as a hospitality but also as a showroom because of the windows that surround the entire unit. Let yourself be impressed by its flexible usage.

From 1.790 €

per day, plus logistics

guest room

  • 4 x dining table glass, black
  • 18 x chair, black, high gloss
  • 4 x couch, leather, black
  • 2 x couch table, glass
  • integrated buffet in the middle aisle incl. fridge
  • floor in parquet-optic
  • fully glazed exterior walls
  • air conditioning


  • dishwasher
  • sink
  • fridge
  • Microwave


  • wodden floor
  • enclosure
  • 8 x dining table with seating
  • 2 x lounge area with seatcubes
  • welcome counter
Tom Coronel



Racedriver | Netherlands